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CFS Advisors is an international advisory firm dedicated to helping our corporate clients to address various financial and strategic challenges by delivering complex Corporate Finance Solutions in four main areas: debt capital / restructuring, equity capital, M&A and strategic advisory, post transaction support.

We partner and serve our clients to create and secure financing solutions which bring financial strength, new growth opportunities, and long-term partnership, and this truly forms the essence of our mission.

We work with clients across various industries, markets and regions. Our clients are passionate about growth, innovation, success and leadership in their businesses and endeavors.

Our approach to business is based on the principles of building long-term relationships, providing independent and trusted advice, striving for flexibility and execution excellence.

At CFS Advisors we base our client approach on the principles of building long-term relationships, providing independent and trusted advice, striving for flexibility and execution excellence.

  • We build long-term relationships
    We tend to do many projects for one client rather than one project for many clients. This gives our client a partner with deep and unparalleled understanding of their business and allows us to develop and grow together with our clients.
  • We keep independent viewpoint to provide trusted advise
    Our services and recommendations rely on our own analysis and understanding of the situation and always reflect our independent viewpoint of the situation.
  • We strive for flexibility and execution excellence
    We develop complex solutions and most of the projects that we do involve many counterparties, events and deliverables. Every project is very individual. We believe that only by being flexible and mastering execution it is possible to succeed and deliver results to the clients.

At CFS Advisors we strive to best serve our clients’ interests. We are favored by clients for our individual approach, commitment to experience and knowledge sharing, and long-term orientation.

  • Individual approach
    CFS Advisors offers an advantage of unparalleled individual approach to every client.
  • Experience & knowledge sharing
    We learn from clients and strive to educate our clients and freely share knowledge and experience build through projects across various industries and regions.
  • Long-term orientation
    We stay with our clients beyond project completion to support them with integration processes and lead them through organizational and strategic changes.
  • Advise on a sale of a 500MW wind power project in Ukraine.
  • Corporate finance consulting to the investor in a leading IVF clinic network in Ukraine.
  • Buy-side advisory on the acquisition of solar power and wind power projects in Ukraine.
  • Strategy advisory to a private investor for the start-up of color-coated metal coils (PPGI) production in Estonia and Slovakia.
  • Feasibility study for a new steel shots manufacturing facility in Estonia.
  • Advisory to a private investor on strategy and investment in bentonite clay mining and processing in Turkey.
  • Carbon finance advisory to Ukraine’s leading developer of coal mine methane projects.
  • EBRD project finance and restructuring advisory to a coal waste heap recycling project in Ukraine.
  • IPO advisory to Ukraine’s large private coal mining group.
  • IPO advisory to a leading car battery producer in CEE.