US$ 36,000,000 EBRD loan facility to Sadovaya Group

Ukrainian coal mining holding Sadovaya Group successfully completed attraction of US$ 36 million loan facility from European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). CFS Advisors consulted Sadovaya Group with respect to attraction of EBRD financing.

In February 2012 the subsidiary of Sadovaya Group S.A., “Product Company” Interdon” LLC finalized signing of the financing agreements with EBRD, according to which the bank will provide US$ 36 million loan facility. The loan carries a cost of 6.5% above 3M LIBOR on drawn amounts with repayment over 7 years.

The funds will be used to finance the development of Sadovaya Group’s waste coal reprocessing business. In particular, the Group will start construction of two waste reprocessing facilities, which are scheduled to be put into operation in 2Q2012 and 4Q2012, respectively.

“We are happy for yet another success in long-term relations of Sadovaya Group and CFS Advisors, and we are pleased to effectively help our client with capital attraction and implementation of its investment program. Having signed the loan agreement with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Sadovaya Group has obtained a long-term international partner and a unique opportunity to further cooperate with EBRD through knowledge sharing and financing of future investment projects”, said Vyacheslav Hordiyenko, Director at CFS Advisors.